Chicago Food Tours

The dining scene in Chicago is incredibly diverse . We have famous burgers from around the world and our unique Hot Dogs, Michelin-starred places with international cuisine from across the globe deep dish pizza that is one of the top places to eat across the world…the list is endless. There’s more than you can eat in their lifetime however, you can do your best during an eating tour around the city.

The Chicago food tours will provide you with a complete flavor of the dining scene in the city, whether you’re looking to explore every fine dining establishment or sample each deep dish pizza that the city offers.

Chicago Food Planet

Chicago Food Planet Food Tours provides you an idea of the melting pot of Chicago’s dining scene. Explore the diverse cuisine of Chicago through the most epic of journeys. Enjoy a taste of traditional Chicago in the Best in Chow Food Tour where you can sample the most well-known dishes of Chicago (pizza hot dogs, Italian beef, popcorn as well as brownies) in just three hours. Plus, you will be able to skip queues. They also provide a food tours including Navy Pier, the foodie-favorite West Loop neighborhood, Chinatown and much many more.

Spice of Life Tours

Discover the city of Chicago’s “Little Indian” within the West Ridge neighborhood with Spice of Life Tours. Devon Avenue is the center of a vibrant Indian/Pakistani community that is home to a variety of authentic, locally-owned restaurants and specialty food stores. Your guide will guide you on a leisurely 4-hour tour, where you’ll taste delicious South Asian cuisine, stop at a spice market or visit a temple and take part in cultural activities such as tattoos with henna.

Tastebud Tours

It’s impossible to go to Chicago without having a deep dish pizza as well as a Chicago-style hotdog along with an Italian beef sandwich. Make sure to check them off your list when you take the tour offered by Tastebud Tours. The Taste of Chicago tour hits every major spot within the Loop neighborhood and includes a Chicago-based chocolatier and the longest-running family-run business in Chicago. The other Tastebud Tours include their Chicago World’s Fair Food Tour, that takes a historical look at Chicago’s culinary scene.

Chicago Pizza Tours

Take a bite of Chicago one bite at a time by joining Chicago Pizza Tours. The walking and bus tours go to the most important and family-owned pizzerias located in Chicago’s neighborhoods and downtown. You’ll be able to learn about the background and secrets of the pizza business and sample six pizzas at off-the-beaten-path places. You can also try your hand at their Pizza & Cocktails Tour, in case you’re looking for a drink alongside your pizza slices.

Chicago Foodways Tours

Explore “deeper than deep dish” by taking Chicago Foodways Tours. Explore Chicago’s culinary heritage and culture with a highly experienced local and certified chef. These walking tours take you through the present and past of Chicago’s immigrants’ neighborhoods including the Saigon to Stockholm Tour that leads you through the city’s Vietnamese and Swedish neighborhood enclaves. The Little Italy Food Tour explores the neighborhoods that have been inhabited for centuries with the course of a six-course dinner.

Bobby’s Bike Hike

Get your appetite going with a food bike tour. Ride through various Chicago neighborhoods in the Bikes Bites, Bites and Brews Tour with Bobby’s Bike Hike. It will give you a taste of the neighborhood, with stops at the most iconic places that provide a glimpse of every neighborhood you go to. If you’d rather walk on two feet instead of two wheels, take a look at their walking tours such as Sweets and Spirits and Comedy & Craft Beer.

Chicago Beer Experience

Do you want to experience more than just food? Take a look at Chicago Beer Experience that celebrates one of the most loved beverages in the craft-beer capital of the United States. You can choose from three routes, which are accompanied by beer experts certified by a reputable organization such as Sin & Suds in the South Loop or Bacon & Brews in Lakeview and Lincoln Park.

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