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In Chicago We're all set to revel in the simple pleasures of autumn. We are inviting you to visit us to take in every moment. So, relax in the stunning the fall colors of Jackson Park. Explore the diverse tastes of our 77 neighborhoods , from Chinatown from Pilsen and Rogers Park. Watch your pulse pound with the lights of live theatre again. It doesn't matter if it's your first or 40th time in Chicago you'll be awed by the beauty of every part of Chicago. Explore how Chicago is important.

Why Travel To Chicago?

Stunning skyscrapers The Field Museum The Chicago Hot Dog in the style of Lake Michigan Lake Michigan and Chicago Wrigley Field Wrigley Field Public parks

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What does it mean: An Irish ice cream parlor.

What makes it awesome: This ice cream shop makes flavors for all things Irish. Think Bailey’s, Guinness, Irish Mint Chip and Jameson.

Don’t forget to try their delicious Ice cream sundaes that are packed with goodies such as those in the Hair of the Dog sundae that comes with one scoop of Bailey’s Guinness as well as Jameson Ice creams. The entire item is drenched in chocolate syrup, and topped with whip cream and a cherry and sprinkled with flaked chocolate from Cadbury’s.

Concrete Chicago Illinois

 They specialize in residential and commercial concrete work in the Chicago area and surrounding areas. What makes them special is how they treat their customers and always provide the best work possible. 

ACME Hotel Company

What is it: An alternative high-tech boutique hotel.

The reason it’s cool: ACME is a hotel that caters to a fashionable crowd. The hotel offers modern-day hookups such as lightning-fast broadband and huge LED TVs in each area, but the rooms are also decked out in a subdued rock theme, from classic records that line the ceilings of their elevators to their own slick Spotify collection.

bethie b

What is it? A company that specialises in custom-made and hand-painted pillows.

What’s cool about it: The founders of bethie b. are Meg Goldberg and Beth Barron, mom-daughter “pillow-creating designer team” with a passion for the original, unique handmade. Alongside their artisanal pillow designs, the. team also purchases and sells recycled furniture, interiors and artwork.

Belmont Barbershop

What is it:A barbershop straight out of the history books.

What makes it cool?Belmont Barbershops are famous for their classic masculine appearances, especially with their modern, classic haircuts, such as the pompadour or the tight and high. Customers can peruse comics while waiting to get their haircuts.

Flush-N-Go Rentals

They specialize in porta potty rentals in Chicago for both residential and commercial events in Chicago and the surrounding areas. What sets them apart is their commitment to treating customers with the utmost respect and always delivering top-quality service.